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Hart & Cooley 4in X 5ft Double Wall Vent Pipe

  • Packaging: EA
    • 3" to 12" pipe and fitting couplers overlap 1-3/8" when joined together; therefore, assembled length is 1-3/8" less than listed length.
    • The allowable minimum clearance to combustibles is 1"
    • Outside Diameter (OD) Sizes 3" through 6" is size plus 1/2". Sizes 7" through 12" is size plus 1"
    • A full set of installation instructions are supplied with caps and supports.

    Round Pipe (sizes 3-12)


      Listed Length                
    Diameter   3" 4" 5" 6" 7" 8" 10" 12"
      5' 3RP5 4RP5 5RP5 6RP5 7RP5 8RP5    
      4' 3RP4 4RP4 5RP4 6RP4 7RP4 8RP4    
      3' 3RP3 4RP3 5RP3 6RP3 7RP3 8RP3 10RP3 12RP3
      24" 3RP24 4RP24 5RP24 6RP24 7RP24 8RP24 10RP24 12RP24
      18" 3RP18 4RP18 5RP18 6RP18 7RP18 8RP18 10RP18 12RP18
      12" 3RP12 4RP12 5RP12 6RP12 7RP12 8RP12    
      6" 3RP6 4RP6 5RP6 6RP6      

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