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3ft Flexicore Closet Auger

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  • Three foot Flexicore® Closet Auger 
    General’s professional three foot Flexicore Closet Auger (Cat # 3FL) is the ideal tool for breaking up stoppages or removing lost objects in clogged toilet bowls. The durable double layer Flexicore construction gives the snake tremendous resistance to kinking. The Flexicore closet auger works where plungers fail.

    Three foot Flexicore Auger 
    The tough outer steel tube is 3/4” in diameter. Inside, a galvanized steel rod turns the cable. Other features include a vinyl bowl guard, vinyl grip handle and turning handle, and a “Grip Clip” for securing the cable.

    Double Spring Construction
    This auger features patented Flexicore wire rope center cables. Flexicore cable is made from two layers of tempered spring wire wrapped tightly around a 49-strand wire rope center. It resists kinking and breaking yet has the right flexibility to go through low flow toilets. 

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