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DiversiTech Pro-Bubble Leak Detector - 32 oz.

June 2022 Special - $8.99 ea. - While Supplies Last
  • Packaging: EA
    • Clinging formula
    • Pinpoints micro leaks
    • Safe
    • Cohesive flow properties cause the product to flow to the leak.
    • Enhances bubble production and duration.
    • Makes a cluster of small bubbles at the leaking point
    • Odorless, non toxic, non-corrosive


    1. Adjust nozzle for desired spray pattern.

    2. To leak-check new installations or repairs, spray all joints and new connections with Pro-Bubble™ and check for bubbles. Large leaks develop bubbles quickly. Small leaks make a group of small bubbles that may take some time to form.

    3. To find leaks in existing systems, spray the suspected pipes, tubing or connections with Pro-Bubble™ and inspect for bubble formation as above.

    4. Vibration leaks are easier to detect when the system is running.

    5. Pro-Bubble™ may be reactivated with a water spray or reapply to help verify the location of the leak.

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