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DiversiTech 30 x 30 x 3 E-Lite Plastic Equipment Pad

DIV EL3030-3
May 2020 Monthly Special - $29.95 ea. - While Supplies Last
  • Packaging: EA
  • Drillable

    Easy to secure equipment to the pad.

    Uniform Ribbing Transfers Load

    Generous ribbing underneath the pad spreads the load evenly and ensures pad strength.

    Subtle Top Texture

    Helps prevent equipment from moving and enhances stability.

    Easy to Identify Size

    Each E Lite® pad is molded with its size in raised letters.

    Additional Surface Support

    The bottom of a 3" E Lite® pad shows generous ribbing plus additional surface for added pad strength


    E Lite® pads are light and easy to maneuver.