What are Some Factors to Consider when purchasing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Broan 678

1) Size of your bathroom

One of the most important decisions that you will need to make when it comes to choosing the right bathroom exhaust fan concerns the size of your bathroom. Since bathroom exhaust fans are sized and rated by their ability to move air in a certain amount of cubic feet per minute (CFM), make sure it's one that will be adequate for the size of your bathroom.  A fan that's too small won't remove moisture and odors efficiently and will need to run longer, increasing wear on the motor. 

 A 50-square foot or smaller bathroom needs a 50 CFM fan. For bathrooms between 50 and 100 square feet, estimate approximately 1 CFM per square foot.  If your bathroom is larger than 100 square feet, tally the CFM requirements for the individual fixtures to estimate your needs. Plan for 50 CFM for each toilet, tub or shower and 100 CFM for a jetted tub.

The Broan 678 (pictured on the left) is a 50 CFM, 2.5 Sones, Vent/Light Combination.

2) Installation

Once you have chosen where you want the bathroom fan to be located, you will need to choose a model with the appropriate size duct adapter for your home’s ductwork.  As venting into the attic will cause moisture problems, it is important to always install bathroom fans so that they vent air outside of the home through the ductwork and the nearest soffit.

3) Exhaust Fan FeaturesBroan 655

Many bathroom fans on the market today come with different features that might be ideal for your specific needs. Some of the features that newer models may offer include integrated lights, built-in heaters, and motion sensors.

4) Level of Noise

In considering bathroom exhaust fans, you will want to pay close attention to the sone rating (the measurement of sound).  One sone is about equal to the sound of a refrigerator.

The Broan 655 (pictured on the right) is a 70 CFM, 4.0 Sones, 1300W Heater/Vent/Light combination.


BroanFG500NS5)  Upgrading your Grille without replacing the Exhaust Fan

Is your current exhaust fan still working, but you need to upgrade the grille?  The Broan FG500NS is a unique lighted ventilation fan grille which allows you to upgrade your non-lighted ventilation fan or tired incandescent fan/light into a sleek fan/light with bright, efficient LED lighting quickly and easily. This lighted grille is designed with fewer ventilation slots to stay clean longer and is a crisp, bright white to coordinate with today’s popular ceiling paint colors.  Installation in only 5 minutes!