Question:  School is back in session for my three amazing children.  Our entire house is trying to get back into a routine. Could you offer some "Back to School" tips to help us streamline? Thanks so much!

Answer:   I appreciate your desire to improve the operation of your home, and as always, I'm glad to help.  Showering and bathroom time is usually the hardest battle to face.  My first tip is to check that your bath vent fan is working correctly.  Over the years, a bath vent fan will slowly become less effective.  Check yours, and replace if needed.  We sell several different vent fans from Broan, and can order dozens more if you do not find one in our stock.   Broan 688





While changing out the bath fan, you might want to upgrade your wall switch as well.  The Leviton 5601-2 is a fresh, easy to clean, and modern switch that is available in white and other colors.  Your new switch and fan will make your bathroom feel like a spa instead of a water closet.

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 School also means more technology and less charge for your many devices.  Now is the perfect time to install a brand new duplex USB charger and tamper resistant outlet. (Leviton T5632-W).  This amazing outlet replaces any existing wall outlet and gives you not only two tamper proof 110v receptacles, but two 110v USB ports ready to charge phones, tablets, or computers.  Change several around the house, and be ready to charge anywhere you need it!  Good Luck with these changes, and have a wonderful school year!