My toilet tank will not stop running.  I jiggled the handle, lifted up on the ball floating thing, adjusted the chain, and cleaned the sludge off of the flapper.  Nothing works!  The commode still keeps running.  Do I need a new toilet? Can I fix the toilet myself?  Please help!


The running toilet is a problem that every homeowner will experience at some point in their lives.  Over time, the plastic, rubber and metal parts that are constantly immersed in a toilet tank will fail and deteriorate.  Depending on the age of the toilet, and the height, it may be time to buy a new HydraPro Comfort Height commode for $99.99.  This will include the tank, bowl and seat.  This will fix the problem of the running toilet, and give you a more comfortable 17 inch commode. 

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Fortunately, you can also just replace the parts inside the tank for a quick and inexpensive fix to the runing toilet problem as well.



     ITEM ID:  KOR 50BPThe most common reason for a leaky toilet is a worn out flapper.  Korky makes several different flapper and balls, depending on whether you have a 2 inch or 3 inch throat in your commode trap.  Most of these flappers are universal and simple to change.  BR Supply stocks most of the common flappers and should be able to order any other flapper you may need.   When changing your flapper, make sure to turn off the water supply and drain all the water our of the tank.  Then, remove the faulty flapper.  At this point, take fine grade sandpaper and work it around the throat of the flush valve assembly.  This will assure a tight seal and removal of built up sludge when you attach the new flapper.  Next, attach the new flapper and turn on the water supply.  Hopefully, this fixes your running toilet.



 If this does not fix your running toilet, it could be the fill valve is faulty.  We stock a few different fill valves, including the most popular Fluidmaster 400A.  Fluidmaster also provides handles, gaskets, bolts and full flush valve assemblies.  Fluidmaster has everything you need for 2 inch and 3 inch throat commodes.  The handle on your commode is also easily replaced, and can be done to fix a problem, or just to refresh the look of your bathroom.  

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 As always, if you can bring the part in with you to any of our 12 BR Supply stores, or take a picture on your cell phone, it will help us to diagnose and solve your problem with the correct part.  A running toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water in a 24 hour span. This is paid for by you in your water bill, and is a waste of precious clean water.  Take the time and repair the problem of your running toilet today.