• American Water Heaters

    American Water Heaters is a leading manufacturer of high-quality water heater products with manufacturing, research and development and corporate offices located in Johnson City, TN. American Water Heaters offers a comprehensive line of residential water heaters and commercial water heaters (gas water heaters, electric water heaters and tankless water heaters).
  • Philips and Keystone Bulbs

    BR Supply now carries Philips and Keystone LED Bulbs which are long lasting and energy efficient. LED Bulbs contain no mercury and provide "Instant On" light. No slow starting or waiting.
  • Sharkbite Push-to-Connect Fittings

    SharkBite push-to-connect fittings are the fastest, easiest and most dependable way to join copper, PEX, CPVC and PE-RT pipe in any combination – with no soldering, clamps, unions or glue required. SharkBite’s innovative and reliable technology is available in a wide range of fittings from couplings, elbows, tees, adapters, end caps, shut-off valves, and flex hoses . SharkBite fittings are the industry’s most trusted push-to-connect system.
  • Milwaukee Tools

    Milwaukee corded and cordless power tools, bits, hole saws, sawzalls, blades, hacksaws, and so many more Milwaukee tools and accessories!
  • Delta Faucets

    The Delta Faucet brand delivers exceptionally well-made, stylish faucets, shower heads and other related kitchen and bath accessories.
  • Klein Tools

    Tools For Professionals Since 1857 - Klein Multimeters, Screwdrivers, Tape Measures, Pliers, Wire Strippers/Cutters, Knives, Totes and more.
  • Office Supplies

    BR Supply has access to tens of thousands of office supplies including furniture, pens, paper, markers, school supplies, technology items and more!
  • Korky and Fluidmaster Toilet Repair

    -Flappers, Gaskets, Fill Valves, Flush Valves, Wax Rings, Seals, Supply Lines, Tank Levers, and Plungers!
  • Hillyard Chemical Products

    For over 100 years, Hillyard has been a top cleaning resource and has delivered with innovative cleaning products that improve quality and lower the total cost of cleaning. Hillyard high-performance cleaning and janitorial products are developed specifically for the professional custodian. They are formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, insuring Hillyard products are the best choice for removing filth, grime, and germs.


Delivery by BR Supply’s Vehicle for Web Orders:

Item(s) ordered through at your local BR Supply’s store location may not be available for immediate delivery. Some items may need to be transferred from other BR Supply locations. Your local BR Supply store will contact you by phone or email once the item(s) are ready and schedule a delivery time.
See additional info below in the 'Delivery by BR Supply’s Vehicle' section.

Delivery by BR Supply’s Vehicle:
When the merchandise is delivered by a BR Supply vehicle, delivery to the customer takes place at the customer's receiving point. The customer must check for any visible damage upon receipt and if any, notation should be made upon the delivery document and BR Supply’s driver should sign the notation. Packaged goods must be opened and inspected at once, and any concealed damage or shortages should be reported to BR Supply immediately. Any materials for which the customer has been billed more than thirty (30) days shall be deemed to have been received by customer and in suitable condition unless the customer has notified BR Supply in writing prior to the expiration of the thirty (30) day period.

Vehicle delivery is available in limited areas where there are BR Supply’s store locations. Please contact your nearest store location to find out if vehicle delivery is available for you. Fuel charges may apply.


Delivery Fees and Fuel Charges:

There may be situations in which a fuel charge is applied to your order. Your local BR Supply location will be able to provide you this information.

Delivery/Shipping by Common Carrier or Freight Handler for Web Orders

Item(s) may not be picked up by Common Carrier or Freight Handler on the day of your order. It is dependent on the location that is shipping your item(s) and the time the order is placed. If you are ordering multiple items, the order will not ship until all items are at the shipping warehouse.


Delivery/Shipping by Common Carrier or Freight Handler:

When merchandise is delivered by a common carrier or freight handler, the delivery of the order will be completed at the point at which the signed bill of lading and/or delivery receipt is accomplished. This usually is at the manufacturer's or shipper's plant. At that point, the merchandise becomes the customer's property and responsibility. If damages or shortages are determined at the time of delivery, notation must be made on the delivery document and the delivering driver must acknowledge the notation by signing his name under the entry. The customer must then request an inspection and a written report. This request must be recorded so that if the carrier fails to make an inspection, this fact can be noted on the claim form. The customer must promptly file a claim with the carrier for whatever damages or shortages are involved. Packaged merchandise must be opened and inspected at once. If concealed damages or shortages are discovered, the customer must contact the carrier promptly and request an inspection and a written report. This request must be recorded so that if the carrier fails to make an inspection, the fact can be noted on the claim forms.


Items not shipped by UPS:

Although the website will give you a UPS shipping option, some items are not available to ship via UPS. We review each order and if the item cannot be shipped by UPS we will contact you with an additional shipping option and shipping price.

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