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BR Supply Locations 
BR Supply has TEN locations in West Tennessee to better serve our customers. 
BR Supply, Adamsville

Manager:  Keith Jennings
121 Duren Industrial Drive
Adamsville, TN 38310
Phone: 731-632-3341
Fax: 731-632-1441

BR Supply, Brownsville

Manager:  Shawn Martin
337 W. Main Street
Brownsville, TN 38012
Phone: 731-772-9512
Fax: 731-772-9592

BR Supply, Humboldt

Manager:  Jason Shaver
2405 Eastend Drive
Humboldt, TN 38343
Phone: 731-784-1111
Fax: 731-784-0756

BR Supply, Jackson

Home of Hollywood Bath
Manager:  George Coleman
2078 Hollywood Drive
Jackson, TN 38305
Phone: 731-660-2433
Fax: 731-660-2719

BR Supply, McKenzie

Manager:  Keven Rogers
14965 South Highland
McKenzie, TN 38201
Phone: 731-352-0483
Fax: 731-352-0584

BR Supply, Milan

Manager:  David Wall
2026 E. Van Hook St.
Milan, TN 38358
Phone: 731-686-9353
Fax: 731-686-9399

BR Supply, Paris

Manager: Jim Fitzgerald
3815 Hwy 79 North
Paris TN  38242
Phone: 731-642-3364
Fax: 731-642-3366

BR Supply, Savannah

Manager:  Greg Mitchell
440 Florence Rd.
Savannah, TN 38372
Phone: 731-925-2010
Fax: 731-925-2183

BR Supply, Trenton

Manager:  Mike Gustafson
502 N. College
Trenton, TN 38382
Phone: 731-855-1895
Fax: 731-855-1821

BR Supply, Union City

Manager:  Allen Dowdy
1232 South 3rd Street
Union City, TN 38261
Phone: 731-885-1460
Fax: 731-885-1468